How to Easily Get More Email Subscribers With OptinSkin

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In case you missed it…I’m constantly talking about how my husband is giving me blog advice. Like all the time. Often times when he rattles off: “Hey babe, you should do {fill in the blank} with your blog”….I give him the side eye. The really evil side eye.  Not because I don’t think he’s right […]

Starting an Email Newsletter 101: All You Need To Know To Get Your Newsletter Going

Starting a Newsletter 101

Have you ever heard other bloggers say, “It’s all in the email list!” I spent over 3 years hearing my husband make claims that I needed to start an email list for House of Rose. THREE LONG YEARS I didn’t listen to the man. Mainly because I didn’t view my blog as a business or […]

How To Set Up A Free Email Address Branded To Your Domain

How to setup email address with your domain name

Are you ready to look like a blogging professional? Do you ever get an email from someone and notice that they have an email that is: And wonder how in the heck did they get that email address? For example: or Sounds pretty legit, right? Well, guess what…it’s so super easy to […]

The Biggest Mistake I Made When I First Started Blogging and How You Can Avoid It

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When I first started Good Financial Cents in 2008, it didn’t take long for me to see some immediate results.  It’s not because I knew what I was doing, but I had some other blogging friends that showed me the ropes. There’s nothing like having some good mentors to help you along the way. I […]