The White Background Look: How To Make Your Videos Look Awesome Like Apple

white background 1

If you are looking to get the white background look {or the “Apple look” as we like to call it} here are some tips that will help you make it happen. We currently have our background and lights set up in our unfinished basement. You don’t need a ton of space to make this work. […]

7 Secrets to Successful Video Blogging

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If you’re ready to be serious about video blogging it’s time to say cheese, step in front of the camera and let her rip. I’ve been video blogging for a couple years now and, along the way, I have learned a few tricks! These tricks have allowed me to get more viewers, more subscribers, and […]

How To Replace Your 9 To 5 Income From Blogging In Nine Months

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Have you ever thought about quitting your day job so that you could blog full time? Did you have that thought for about a millisecond and then think you were crazy for thinking that you could make REAL money from blogging? If you have ever wondered HOW people claim that they “blog” for a living […]

{iMovie Tutorial} The Basics

imovie add slides

I quit my full time job nearly 4 months ago to work for my husband. One of the things that my hubby needed help with immediately when I started…editing videos for his websites. I remember opening up iMovie and staring blankly at the screen thinking, “Where the heck do I even begin???” According to the […]

A Movement – Roth IRA Style


It has been a busy few weeks here at Dollars and Roses. Mostly because Mr. Husband…decided that he wanted to start a movement. A Roth IRA Movement to be exact. After speaking to a class of soon-to-be graduating college seniors and realizing that NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON in the room had any idea what a […]

Affiliate Marketing: FlexOffers

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Ok, ok Jeff and Mandy, enough about how to start a blog already. Start showing us how you are making over $3,000 a month from your websites. If you have looked at our income reports for January and February then you know that we don’t just have ONE avenue of income. We have multiple sources. […]

Video Blogging – What’s the Best Camera to Use?

video blogging

What the heck does it mean to vlog anyway? Blogging, as you know, is expressing your thoughts via text.  If you’re a natural writer and words flow from you easily then blogging can be fun. For someone like my husband who is NOT a natural writer, blogging is a challenge. Something that is not a […]

How to Move your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

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If you are intimidated by moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress. Don’t be! I promise you (and yes, I will pinky promise) it is NOT that hard. For a very easy tutorial on how to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress you will want to watch our video below. My husband will make […]

How to Start a Blog: 4 Easy Steps

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Have you ever wondered how to start a blog? It’s really not as complicated as you think it may be; especially, if you follow the 4 easy steps that we talk about in our “How to Start a Blog” video tutorial. I have had MANY readers who say this exact thing to me: “Mandy/Jeff, I […]

Video Traffic Academy – The Bloopers Version

In case you think that my husband and I are professionals…this video below will reveal otherwise. Ahem. This was our FIRST video TOGETHER! The one we posted here. Yes, I know…my husband does HUNDREDS of videos on his own…but apparently adding me in the mix…really threw him for a loop! At times, I felt like […]