June 2012 Income Report

It’s time for last months income report: June 2012.

As a reminder, this is why we do the income reports:

  1. Accountability. These will allow us to finally keep track of our total online revenue – something that I’ve been horrible at.
  2. Progress. Now that we have it documented, we’ll be be able to chart our progress as our income increases (hopefully!)
  3. Truth. To show people that you really can make money online
  4. Transparency: We want others to see how we do it so that others can do it too.

Remember: We started blogging in July of 2008 so it’s taken us a lot of time to figure this blogging thing out. And truthfully, we still have a lot to learn. Don’t get the impression that you can start a blog today and turn a profit tomorrow. I promise you, it ain’t going to happen.

What went down in June

2 steps forward, one half step back…..

Income wise that was the theme of June.   April and May saw back to back record earning months. but June saw a correction similar to the stock market. You’ll see that in the numbers below.

Income down, but let’s focus on the positive.

My niche site continues to see growing traffic numbers.  And with traffic, I’m now starting to see a bunch of new leads come through.   Remember though, that with these “leads” it takes time for them to actually convert into real money.  Right now I’m seeing a lag time of about 90 days, which is fine.   As long as they keep coming in, I’m confident that the income report numbers will pick up, too.   Here’s a look at the traffic numbers:

I think I should add here that these nice little graphs are produced by my wonderful virtual assistant (VA) in the Philippines.  She has been instrumental in helping me get this site off the ground.

Because of her efforts I’ve also launched two additional niche sites.  One is in a similar industry (I consider it to be my Google Penguin backup) and another one tied to my current industry.  Without my VA I would never have been able to do any of this.

I haven’t really mentioned here that I have a VA, but thought it was worth mentioning.   I’ll plan on sharing in a future post what she does for me.

Here’s a look at the numbers for June:

Income Breakdown

Good Financial Cents

  • Adsense: $1,581.23
  • Adspeed: $1,062.00
  • Commission Junction: $589.00
  • Flex Offers:$991.00
  • Direct Advertising: $1,260.76
  • Media Net:  $115.16
  • Aweber: $39.00
  • Beta Test New Affiliate: $380.50
    • Total: $6,018.65

Other Niche Sites

  • Adsense: $173.53
  • Flex Offers: $84.00
  • Direct Advertising: $200.00
  • Media Net:  $63.24
  • Niche Site Conversion (new): $0  :(
    • Total: $520.77
House of Rose blog
  • Blog Her Ads: $217.24
  • Direct Advertising: $45.00
    • Total $262.24
Freelance Writing
  • Equifax: $200.00
    • Total: $200.00

Financial Planning

  • Online Planning Fees: $0
    • Total: $0

Total Revenue for June: $7,001.66

  • Revenue Last Month: $9,000.03
  • Difference: -1,998.37
  • Total for 2012: $38,370.68

What Happened in June

So $7,000 isn’t horrible, but I’m still craving to crack $10k.  As I’m writing this, I don’t think July is going to see it either, but you never know.

My biggest takeaway for the month is summed up in Pat Flynn’s recent post where he talks about turning his niche site into an authority site.

That’s exactly my goal for all my niche sites that I’m developing.  I want them to be a true resource for anyone interested in that topic.   As an example, my original niche site already has 93 unique articles published and over 65 resource pages.  That’s a lot of content in a short amount of time!

The best thing is that I know that I cover that much more.  I’m also planning on releasing an ebook to help cultivate leads.  There’s much more to do.  Now do you see why I haven’t posted on this blog that much?  :)

Interesting Chart

I was checking my stats on GFC and was blown away to see where my traffic was last July after getting hammered by Panda. Look at the graph below.

In July 20ll, my blog only had 25,097 visitors.  Compare that to the 91,464 I have as of July 26th.

I remember it was bad, I just forgot how bad!!   And it gets worse in August.  <blah!>

I’m so glad to have my traffic back and thankful that I withstood any Penguin updates.   In case you missed it, here’s a blog post where I share some tips on how to withstand a Google Algorithm update.

Until next month…..


  1. Jeff, your success is definitelyan inspiration! Keep up the hard work! Any tips for someone who is only 3 months in that you wish you would have known back then?

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