D&R 015: Sean Malarkey Part 2

sean malarkey

This is the 2nd part of Sean Malarkey’s interview. In case you missed it, here’s part 1.

D&R 014: How Sean Malarkey Has Built a 7 Figure Online Business (and still has plenty of time to surf) Part 1

sean malarkey

Some people are super successful because they work 24/7. Other people like to just have fun. Sean Malarkey has found a way to have both. Sean is a amazingly fun dude that loves to surf and take pictures. On top of having fun he has built a thriving online business. Like SUPER thriving. Here’s what […]

How to Improve Your Guest Posting Strategy by 1716%

guest posting

Guest posting has been one of the key attributes of growing my blog over the last five years. When my blog first launched in 2008 I managed to spew out over 30 guest posts in about a 90 day period. That was on top of writing regular content for my own site 3-5 times per […]

D&R 013: How to Stand Out of The Blogging Crowd

stand out of blogging crowd

I read somewhere that over 100,000 new blogs start every single day.  Insane! With so many new blogs starting up, how do you get your blog to stand out from the rest? Getting your blog to stand out can be tough, but not impossible. In this week’s podcast we share how were able to make […]

September 2013 Income Report

DR Income Reports SEPT 2013

It’s time for the monthly income report. Each month “The Wife” crunches the numbers on our earnings while I, “The Husband”, puts together a recap of what happened in our online business. A dangerous combo! As a reminder, this is why we do the income reports: Accountability. These will allow us to finally keep track […]

D&R 012: Carrie Rocha from PocketYourDollars.com (Part 2)

D&R Podcast 011 Carrie Rocha

This is the second part of Carrie Rocha’s interview from Pocket Your Dollars. Be sure to check out Part 1 of her interview first.  

D&R 011 (Part 1): How Carrie Rocha Hustled To Build a Blog That Makes 6 Figures per Year

D&R Podcast 011 Carrie Rocha

Carrie Rocha (pronounced Haw-shuh) used her story of paying off $50,000 of debt into a thriving online business. Her passion of helping others get out of debt was the catalyst behind her blog, Pocket Your Dollars, getting tons of media attention as well as inking her first book deal. Make no mistake success did not […]

Monthly Site Review {Total Basset Case}

total basset case 2

It’s time for another site review! It’s been a few months since we have done one of these.  Since launching the podcast and Jeff’s book…things have been cray-cray around here. There have been moments when I have wanted to quit. But one thing we never do {and you shouldn’t either} is stop. Not when you […]

D&R 010: Don’t Do THESE: How to Not Look Like a Blogging Newbie

blogging newbie

My wife was (and probably still is) a New Kids on the Block fanatic. I may have hummed one of their songs. Just once I promise! Guys, please don’t judge. Being the new kid on the block can sometimes be scary and very intimidating. That’s even more evident when you start your blog. When Mandy […]

D&R 009: How Holly Johnson Replaced Her 9-5 Income in 11 Short Months All From Blogging

Holly Johnson Club Thrifty

Most people that start a blog would love to make an extra couple hundred dollars. It took me several months before I made my first $100. Mandy’s blog took years before she actually made any money from it. To make money from your blog is tough. Apparently Holly Johnson from ClubThrifty.com didn’t get that memo. […]