D&R 008: How Much Time Do You REALLY Spend Blogging?

time blogging

“Time….is on our side.  Yes it is…. ”  -The Rolling Stones Blogging is easy! You can make thousands of dollars wearing your yoga pants and your laptop! Make money fast! Blah blah blah…. Can you make money blogging? Absolutely! That’s evident in our income reports. But how much time does it really take? Or as [...]

D&R 007: How Losing His Job Was a Blessing in Disguise for Bob Lotich of ChristianPF.com

Bob Lotich ChristianPF.com

Click here to subscribe to the “Dollars and Roses” Podcast in iTunes. Getting the word that your company is restructuring and your services are no longer needed would make for a real crappy day for most. For Bob Lotich that day ended up being the launching pad for what would turn out to be a [...]

D&R 006: How Robin O’Bryant Self-Published Her Way to Super Silly Success with Ketchup

Podcast Interview with Robin O'Bryant

Click here to subscribe to the “Dollars and Roses” Podcast in iTunes. I had the pleasure of meeting and rooming with Robin at Blissdom last year and I am here to tell you…she is HILARIOUS. I’m not just talking about sorta funny. She made me almost pee my pants on numerous occasions during the 4 [...]

How to Travel the World While Building a Thriving Online Business with The Suitcase Entrepreneur

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Running an online business has so many perks. You make your own hours. You get to wear your pajamas if you want. The list goes on and on. The one BIG advantage that the online business has over a brick and mortar business is that you can literally work from anywhere. With 3 little kids, [...]

D&R 005: How Emily Eddington Used Her Love For Makeup and YouTube to Quit Her Full-time Job

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 10.05.16 PM

Click here to subscribe to the “Dollars and Roses” Podcast in iTunes. Let’s see if you can fathom this number: over 66 million views on YouTube. Before you think that’s some silly cat video or the latest Justin Bieber video, guess again. These videos are centered around one topic: makeup. Don’t worry; it’s not me [...]

JULY 2013 Income Report

DR Income Reports JULY 2013

It’s time for the monthly income report. Each month “The Wife” crunches the numbers on our earnings while I, “The Husband”, puts together a recap of what happened in our online business. A dangerous combo! As a reminder, this is why we do the income reports: Accountability. These will allow us to finally keep track [...]

D&R 004: How Liz Dialto Started Having 5 Figure Months With Her Booty Shaking Brand

dollars and roses podcast 4

Click here to subscribe to the “Dollars and Roses” Podcast in iTunes. Liz Dialto has a personality and isn’t afraid to show it. She has had an amazing journey in building a killer online business and the best part about it is she’s just getting started. Liz reveals how she got started in building her [...]

D&R 003: Blogging Mistakes That We’ve Made That You Can Avoid

dollars and roses podcast 3 image pic 590

First thing: we are approved in iTunes. Yeah! We would love for you to subscribe and leave an honest review if you have time.  Check out the Dollars and Roses podcast HERE.   Thank you in advance! In this session of Dollars & Roses Podcast, we go over TONS of blogging mistakes that we have made [...]

D&R 002: Interview with “The Man” Behind D&R

dollars and roses podcast 2

In this session, we continue to share about our blogging journey. Episode #1 we learned more about Mandy and her getting House of Rose off the ground. Episode #2 is me sharing my story of how I stumbled into blogging with NO blogging experience whatsoever. Reflecting back I don’t even know how I got my [...]

D&R 001: Dollars and Roses Podcast #1

dollars and roses podcast 001

It’s FINALLY here! The first session of The Dollars and Roses Podcast! Right now you can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it on our blog (I hope). Getting this podcast has been MUCH more difficult than I could have ever imagined. And to be honest, I couldn’t have done it if [...]